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Sheng Sun He is sometimes funny, sometimes firm, sometimes focused, sometimes confused, sometimes talkative, sometimes speechless, sometimes friendly, sometimes rude, sometimes dreamy, sometimes down to earth, sometimes easy to get along with, sometimes hard to track, and occasionally, he is cooperative and positive. He likes to read, likes to write, likes to draw, and likes to talk, when not too busy wasting away his life. It's hard to know his thoughts, and it's not clear if he has any. He looks quite smart, but according to some of his friends, his stupidity is more consistent than his unpredictable intelligence. He is interested to know people's unusual stories, but not willing to pay for what he gets. Maybe a couple of drinks, when he has some pocket money to spare. But is he nice? Some would ask. And according to his answer, 'Nice? What the hell does it mean?' So this is about Sheng you need to know, everything else is not important.